Thursday, 25 July 2013

Call a Royal Commission on Boat People NOW!!!!!

Call a ROYAL COMMISSION on boat people, NOW!

Yesterday Tony Abbott called our attention to the national boat people emergency.  Kevin Rudd was equally alarming when he spoke about evil people smugglers.  Every day more Muslim ‘boat people’ swamp Australia’s borders. 

Kevin Rudd has promised that no refugees who arrive by boat will settle in Australia – these people will be sent to PNG.  Put simply, this will not work. There are too many problems to list!  First and foremost, do we really think that an influx of boat people to horde PNG will lead to anything but social incohesion and enclaves in what was otherwise a good Christian society? How is inviting a potential terrorist around to dinner helping a friend?  Next is the issue of money – why should we give people in PNG money for ‘foreign aid’ as a kickback?  This is nothing short of corruption.  Then there’s the issue of the handshake agreement between Australia and PNG.  If this doesn’t stop the boats, do we really think PNG will be taking the hundreds of people who arrive on our shores each and every single day because we have a handshake agreement? And even now the PNG opposition leader complains that the agreement had not been made in parliament.  Which brings me to Tony Abbott’s ‘solution.’

Tony Abbott has two plans – he always planned to turn the boats around, but now adds that he will put a 3 star military officer at the head of the operation.  Tony, what difference will a 3 star officer make?  You turn a boat around, they go back to Indonesia and then they get on another boat.  This doesn’t stop the boats – it just makes people smugglers richer!  It won’t work and it will anger Indonesia.  Next he uses our money to build a new building for bureaucrats and puts a military officer in charge.  Abbott’s tough talk boils down to giving people smugglers a second windfall when boats are turned back and an administrative reshuffle.   And now it turns out that the military aren’t too keen on the idea.  They don’t want to be used as props in an election campaign and who could blame them?  They also don’t want to be pulled into a civil operation, and they don’t want to have to report to some Minister of Immigration.  Since when has the Minister for Immigration had power over the military?  Let’s put it plain, immigration, even of boat people, is not a military matter.  They might be throwing out their passports, but that’s not a declaration of war.

Both of them are all talk.  Neither of their solutions will work.  What we need is a Royal Commission.  And we need it right NOW.  Nothing else will do.  Until we see a Royal Commission, we know that both parties are all tough talk – they only care about votes, not about boats.

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